Lets Work Together

It Would Be Great To Work With You!

The process is simple...

  1. Wouldn't it be great to have an event, interview, performance or photo shoot doing the things you do best?  Showcasing the things that matter most?  Fashion, Products, Real Estate, Music, Business... Just to name a few!
  2. Read this page and make sure things make sense. If it doesn't, just ask.  Find out if we are a good fit for the project you have in mind.
  3. We will talk and discuss a custom theme & concept that will convert.  Then we have an amazing session!

What's In It For You?

Lets create content that demands ATTENTION.  Attention On You, Your Products, Or Your Brand.  Take advantage of our networks and get in front of the eyes of thousands of entrepreneurs, photographers, bloggers, agencies & MORE!

Establish yourself as an expert, authority and influencer in your niche.

The content we create together (audio, photo & videos) is yours to use on any medium, in any way you choose.

Built In Audience!

Custom Photo & Video Streams To YouTube, Facebook, IGtv, Instagram & MORE!  Videos, Podcasts & Articles.  This along with your own marketing will take your message over the top.

Our Network Includes These Amazing Organizations.  Built In Exposure!

  • The Orlando Photo, Video & Sound Meetup/Club
  • The PVS Facebook Group (Photo, Video & Sound)
  • The Weekly Photography Challenge Group
  • The West Palm Beach TFP Group

Format, Location & What You Need

Performances, video & photo shoots are conducted at an appropriate venue, club or studio.  Any necessary gear is provided for you.  We will go over everything during our pre-event meetings.

Still Interested?

Message Any Time -- 407 462 8472